Tuesday, February 22, 2011

hello kxlu listeners

much thanks to our friend Mukta Mohan for playin new crowcat in LA recently. A number of people have called in to tha station during "Golden Fading", we here at the sun energy sound laboratory would hope that these vague callers of the night will find their way here where much more mayhem will be falling from the pearlesque cloud mountains. please let e'rybody know! Crowcat

Listen to KXLU live HERE
or if you live in the Los Angeles area just set yr dials to 88.9, ya ponies

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crowcat Color Bendin' Lyrics

Purple tramplaline of expression covered in dripping grape juice splashing into jumping bare toes and arbitrary carrots all of which the image of implodes

Squeezing into a black and white blur of the sences combining sight sound and smell to negate the definition based existance of any of 'em rearangin' physical identity into something from beyond the Earth home

in home watching snowfall on top of the buildings around and abounding drinking screwdrivers that spill down the walls coated from the gushing red rooftops seen on the tv that explodes

fire quickly dashed to blue that sparks and beats a purple heart within it's combustion motion briefer that the instant of initial percpeption of a moment moving rapidly into the character of time and matter minglin'
creatin' here

Oh, you will find it
beckoning from a far off gleam
(color bending light) eye vanilla
a star of dreams
you are collected stone
you are confused as bone
you can call this home

we were knee deep in grass
lightly glowing shiny green in the morning.
The blades seemed to wash us as we walked
until they began to shrink with each succesive step.
we came upon a clearing
where a peculiar sound subtley rang.
we beganto look at each other
and discovered apink light shining in each of our eyes.
The lights drew our stares nearer and nearer
until we peered in side one another.
seeing past memories and emotion
the sky became visible as we began to see through each other
as we examined the clearing we saw the trees
with their glowing orange eyes, and thought.

come to the place of pleasure
sound cascading
golden memory fading

it's a piece of pleasure
hearing shading
colors glow bending

come to the place of pleasure
mental creating
strange ideas flowering

it's a prize to treasure
midnight smiling
rooftop vision soaring

slippery decision his
sipsand kiss stain
entertain that's perfection


falling leaf on a face
that stares into the sky

"Who's this?" says the leaf
"Ben" he said, who stares as the clouds
turn from white
to dense gray

as the sun was shining
the leaf asked " do you write with a lighter, or are your pants onfire for another reason?"

The leaf was now gray as the clouds above as Ben lifted it from his face,
it betrayed it's previous image
molding into the shapes assigned
by the thoughts of Ben
bending himself pivoting into
the sunshine, wind rhyme winding
through ears spheres of points parrallel
to being conceiving being not something else

we are a
we are a
we are a
we are a

The hissing image of his burgandy fluids
reflecting white city lights on pavement

he mirrored the world in his unedning need,
his ceaseless deire and violent consumption that spit out humans like globs of spit
produced from puffing excess smoke.

I concluded that his now alien eyes revealed
his intentions. starkly contrasting the bussiness of fixed gambling
that provided his sustinance. He, now free of cold desire,
breathed more through reality and inner pain, than his glove.

His hand was covered with a leathery and emotionlwess skin
that pussed and bled, when seen by a woman of
tender eyes. struck. i saw in his eyes reason escaped,
(an animal man) he had been attacked by wolves after
being left alone in the forest, in the arms of leaving mother still.

i walked into a doughnut shop. i was still mad at what he had done to my sister. the clerk was tired, i got a maple and kept on walking past 3rd on main.

Kalimum voice
Molly: "That was fun."